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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Let the Children Come to Me...

Ministry of Care days are always such a blessing.

Today, my visits were not long, nor were they many, but my heart was happy to see so many children - in the waiting rooms, in patient rooms, in the elevator, by the Starbucks.

I overheard one child saying, "I saw Uncle ____, and I told him I loved him."

And I thought, wow.

I believe it's so important for those visiting the hospitals to bring their children with them - they bring such joy and hope to the patients as well as to those of us who happen to pass by at just the right moments. In addition, I think it's good for the kiddos too - sure it requires a lot of patience and ability to follow rules, but practicing those things is good for them.

I remember going to both the nursing home and the hospital/Hospice as I was growing up - and I'm pretty sure that my experiences there not only brought me closer to my relatives but also helped me develop an appreciation for and desire to help (in my small way) the aging and those who are sick/recovering.

I am so thankful to those families who brought their children today - it was likely a struggle or a trip balanced with something like "we can get ice cream when we finish," but it was SO beautiful.

"Let the children come to me"...in the sick and suffering...in the hearts of all people...

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