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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Time and Thoughfulness

I just got back from a show, and it's late...so this will be quick. (And it won't be about the show because that would require too many thoughts and too much time at present.)

Just one thought for tonight - and it's one that bears repeating, as I know I've touched on this thought multiple times before in this blog - a little act of kindness/thoughtfulness goes a long way...

To put it bluntly, there were times today when I felt like I had been run over by a truck. I tried hard not to let it show - my kiddos had the Mass, my parents were visiting, yada yada yada - so by the time I got to afterschool volleyball practice and my school's athletic director came in to see how things were going, I had to give it to him straight: If it had been a normal day, I probably would have called in sick.

At this point, he offered that someone else coach practice so I could go home, but I said I'd be fine. So, he asked me at that point if I'd like some kind of juice to perk me up. And so he went and got me an orange juice from the concession stand and brought it back, and I tell you, orange juice never tasted so good. It was that one small act of kindness, that one moment of taking time away from what he needed to accomplish before he got to go home to his wife and baby, that made all the difference in my day.

And you know what, the girls and I had a good practice. And I made it through the rest of my day (which included a 2.5 hour play). And I'm still smiling.

Take the time, folks. It makes all the difference in the world...

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