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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Beep Beep Goes the ACE Bus

This weekend, the Alliance for Catholic Education (ACE) bus blew in to the Windy City, so obviously it was time filled with lots of faith, food, and friends. [The visit was part of the program's 20 year anniversary national bus tour - we were the 38th (out of 50) city.]

The bus visited my sister's school on Friday afternoon. So, needless to say, I was just a tad jealous. The school hosted a rally, and then, members of the ACE staff visited the students in their classrooms.

And this is where my favorite part of the story comes in. Fr. Sean (one of ACE's co-founders) went into my sister's room and asked her students what their favorite thing about their teacher was. "She prays for us." "She gives us treats." I guess they said some other things too. And then, there was one more student. (As Fr. Sean tells it) A little girl in the corner said, "She makes the hard things easy for us." And, as Fr. Sean pointed out, doesn't that beautifully sum it all up? Teachers are guides, leading students to become problem-solvers but not leaving them to face the hard stuff alone.

I'm pretty sure he'll tell that story this summer when the first year ACE teachers come. Heck, I heard the story twice in one day! It's a good reminder of what we, as teachers, should strive to do in our everyday work.

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