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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Full & Pleasant Conference Day

Yesterday was quite a full day. While I didn't have all of my time slots booked back-to-back (except for lunch) like my co-worker who teaches math next door, my times were pretty full. (Most students got As and Bs in my class - I don't think many parents are worried, especially since my grades don't "count" to get into high school.)

I saw A LOT of parents.

And I was pleasantly surprised how receptive and positive they all were.

(Maybe it helped that I put mints out or had soft music playing...or maybe, at least, that helped me shift into a good mood. I think it also helped that I had plans of action to help bring any struggling students up to speed.)

There was even one conference I was especially dreading because I had heard the parents are usually on the attack. This time, however, they weren't. And the whole conversation was quite pleasant for 15 (instead of the scheduled 10) minutes.

At the end of the day, the middle school team met to debrief and start brainstorming for the future - we need some kind of stream-line process. Next year, due to an increase in student population in middle school, there is a potential for 100 conferences (and this year there was only going to be up to 75), so even the added mornings/afternoons on Thurs & Mon probably won't be enough. So, one co-worker suggested setting up in one space...kinda like speed dating. 5 minute rotations - hit each teacher and you're out in 25 (or so) minutes. I think that's a good idea to keep it moving... We'll see what the administration thinks...

Fall Conferences 2013 in the books! (Well, I have 2 more on Monday morning...)

For now, I've got that lesson planning (see previous post) to get to and some packing for Thanksgiving to do. The weather here took a turn towards extremely chilly (though it looks deceptively warm outside with that sun shining so bright!), so I'm not relishing the fact that I have to step out my door in a few minutes to head to MOC. (Later, my sister and I are going to brave the elements and go for a run...but that's just because we're crazy.)

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