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"Nothing is more practical than finding God, that is, than falling in love in a quite absolute, final way. What you are in love with, what seizes your imagination, will affect everything. It will decide what will get you out of bed in the morning, what you will do with your evenings, how you will spend your weekends, what you read, who you know, what breaks your heart, and what amazes you with joy and gratitude. Fall in love, stay in love, and it will decide everything." - Pedro Arrupe

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

A Time for Thanks

Finally got around to writing thank-you notes this morning. It's about time, I know. It's hard to believe it's already been a week since we released our students out for summer break.

$1 for 8 (cute!) cards in the Target dollar bin...I'll take 'em!

At least there weren't too many cards to write - some Starbucks gift cards, a paperweight, some homemade cookies, a gratitude journal...

My favorite thing to receive, though, is handwritten notes. Honestly. (And, it's likely any teacher you ask would admit to the same thing...even though Starbucks cards never hurt anyone either...)

Notes like these make me realize that in some small way maybe I am making a difference - the work I do has meaning and the kiddos are responding.

Notes like these make me smile.

On an unrelated (but highly exciting) note - I prepped more for my Holy Land trip yesterday - read some notes from another tour group who went in March, watched a movie about Jerusalem, and tagged up my tour guide book with post-its:

Plus, I got a book in the mail I had forgotten I even ordered. Guess it's coming in my bag (which is actually closer to being packed!) on Friday...

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