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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Every little thing's gonna be all right...

The (almost) final additional pictures:

Latin & Greek root words interactive bulletin board

It's all Greek (and Latin) to me...

picture of what the supply box should look like

and then you put it on the bins with a "check off" list

Let's keep fingers crossed that the students stay responsible for these...

"Stop. Does your box have...?"

Exit activity spot

Love thee, Notre Dame (clearly)

packets and pre-ordered supplies ready to go for Open House

Friday's Open House message up and ready to go

going to try to stay organized with all the ELA handouts...

class rules (middle school-wide) = 4 r's

I am so excited for Open House...but I'm also nervous for the start of the school year. I feel like once we kick off Monday there will hardly be time to breathe. (And we don't even have all of our lesson plans done for next week yet!)

Here we go, though - it's the start of another school year...

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  1. Good luck! Keep breathing... Roller Coaster ride of a year, here we come! Wheeeeeee!