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Sunday, July 14, 2013


It's coming...the "ACE (Alliance for Catholic Education) 20 year celebration/I LOVE CATHOLIC SCHOOLS/I forget the real (long) name" Bus is coming...

And it just may be coming to a city near you.

How will you know it?

Well, first of all, let me assure you, that there is lots of excitement buzzing, and it all kind of kicked off this weekend with an ACE regional Advocates Forum here at Notre Dame - the event provided a think tank (of sorts) for ideas, logistics, advertising, partnerships, and more. Regional leaders got revved up and are ready to get events organized from their ends - more info will be forthcoming. :)

Second of all, you will know the bus in all of its shrink-wrapped glory - as you can see below, names of Catholic schools all around the United States are written across its sides & doors:

Why a bus tour? Some have argued that it seems frivolous or has no point. But it's stirring up excitement and gathering support through local (& national) TV ads, politicians, schools, programs, and more - and it's all because of the need to spread the good news that our country needs Catholic education more than ever. (Plus, we're also celebrating 20 years of the ACE Service Through Teaching program - pretty impressive, I must add.)

So, when the bus comes to your city, be sure you jump on it and celebrate all the wonderful things Catholic schools in your area (and nationwide) are doing #forthekids!

P.S. This short video segment (starts at 1:18) also talks about ACE and all we're doing - check it out!

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