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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Good to be Free!

Having recently finished commenting on 11 unit plans, teacher tests, & performance assessments with rubrics, I have to admit that this is pretty much how I feel right now - I'm done! (Well, I think I may have one set left - one student had an extension...)

Getting done took a little longer than I had originally anticipated...but that was all my fault. I took about 4 hours out of my afternoon yesterday to spend with a friend from Chicago and then a couple of my ACE housemates in town for a short visit. That was time well-spent, and I don't regret that break one bit...

Together, we re-lived the ACE summer dream - eating lunch (my 2nd of the day, though I didn't eat much) at the dining hall, playing co-tour guide in the ACE building, popping in at the student center (and, while there, running into a family from my Church back home in FL - small world!), and just walking around campus.

And through it all, a plastic pigeon (painted as a bald eagle with an American flag) hung from Julia's purse. Knowing Julia and her husband, this did not surprise me in the least.

Here's "Pidge" candidly in the DH with us - can you spot him?

Apparently the pigeon is their mascot as they make their way across the country - he's a great avenue into random conversations, and he provides plenty of amusement. (It was fun to see how many places and activities we could take pictures of "Pidge" in/doing.) They're chronicling Pidge's adventures on Instagram, but I haven't figured out how to find them yet...But don't worry, I will. Going to miss these kids when they head to China for a two year teaching opportunity in just a few short weeks...

Never a dull moment with these guys, let me tell ya -

photo from Julia's wedding last summer of me and my two housemates who I saw yesterday at ND

Less than one week left of ACE summer - time really has flown by. I'm excited for school to start back up in a few weeks, but I also still have plenty to prepare before I head back to the classroom. My goal through these final weeks of summer is to strike a healthy balance between relaxing and preparing for school.

I'll let you know how that goes...

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