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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Service Day 2016

On Saturday I joined with over 400 parishioners to head out to different agencies and sites around the city for my church's annual "service day." A simple morning prayer service was followed by a mass exodus from the building, with groups heading this way and that. My group was assigned painting a room at House of Good Shepherd.

When we first arrived, we took a tour of the facilities and enjoyed lunch. Then, we got to work. With one roller and 7 brushes, we tackled baseboards and walls (after taping our edges, of course). We were pretty efficient, finishing in about two hours. Aside from my sister, I didn't know anyone else in our group of eight, but after the car ride over and time talking while painting, I feel like I made six new friends.

I wish our parish did "service day" more than once a year, though I know it's incredibly hard to coordinate everything with the sites, group leaders, and participants. But maybe this will be the start that a few of us need to try to get to places on a more regular basis. (At the post-Mass dinner, some parishioners were describing places/agencies I had never even heard of before!)

All in all, it was a great way to spend a Saturday (especially one with such nice weather). Additionally (but unrelated), I received word that my volleyball girls won their match on Saturday, so that was awesome too. (Go Dolphins!)

Now, considering how beautiful it is outside, it's time for a run by the lakefront, which will be followed by a friend's baby shower and some errands (plus a little school work/prep). Have a restful Sunday!

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