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"Nothing is more practical than finding God, that is, than falling in love in a quite absolute, final way. What you are in love with, what seizes your imagination, will affect everything. It will decide what will get you out of bed in the morning, what you will do with your evenings, how you will spend your weekends, what you read, who you know, what breaks your heart, and what amazes you with joy and gratitude. Fall in love, stay in love, and it will decide everything." - Pedro Arrupe

Sunday, November 22, 2015

I'm Back. (Briefly.)

Oh, hello. It's been awhile.



That last week and a half leading up to Thanksgiving break was non-stop, let me tell you.

But I'm still here.

(Quite honestly, I'd rather be reading The Magic Strings of Frankie Presto, but that's another story.)

This is the first year my school is taking off the entire week for Thanksgiving break. (Woo hoo!) The kids were VERY ready. And so were the teachers - you should have heard the voices of excitement in the teachers' lounge on Friday...you wouldn't have had to listen too hard, even from halfway down the hall. The break is going to be wonderful - my parents are coming into town shortly (though, they were supposed to arrive yesterday), and we're going to my sister's school to hang out tomorrow morning. And then I need to buckle down and get some work done - Oh, my to-do list never ends, it just goes on and on my friends...

Knowing me (and, I think I know myself pretty well), I may not post again before Thanksgiving, and I definitely won't post while we're in Michigan (as we won't have internet), so now's the time to count my blessings and wish you a very blessed Thanksgiving holiday week/weekend. May you be wise enough to avoid the lure of Black Friday sales/commercialism, and may the time spent with family and loved ones be treasured and abundant.

"The turkey's a turkey, you turkey." (Muppet Family Christmas)

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