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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Pigs Fly and Dreams Come True...in Cincinnati

3:57:10...It was a hard-fought battle (for me - just ask my sister), but we did it. Pigs really do fly...at least once a year in Cincinnati...


While at times I felt like I wouldn't be able to finish (at least not in PR fashion), my sister kept me going. (Trust me, she had it in her to go much faster - 3:45:00, easy, I'd bet.) She kept turning around with that look of "you better get yourself moving, you can't give up." And so, even when I started having chills at Mile 24, I kept going. Thank you, Marisa, for pushing me to beat my personal best. (And, more importantly, for making so we don't need to sign up for another marathon any time soon.)

post-race, after chugging multiple water bottles

post-race, post-shower ice cream treat at the one and only Graeter's

Thank you post card to our parents

The weekend would not have been complete without our parents' visit - they flew in and out of Chicago to make the drive to Cincinnati and to cheer us on for the race. They are the best fans anyone could ask for, and it was wonderful to spend some extra time with them, considering we don't usually see them during the school year much. (In fact, as I sat in Church on Saturday night, I was content to just be in the presence of God, and I was especially grateful to be surrounded by my family.)

Heck, we even made the local Cincinnati news - check it out around 1:20...

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