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Sunday, May 31, 2015

One Year Later - Reflections on Our Pilgrimage

In light of reading about Elijah in this week's Bible Study for Church, I took out my journal from my pilgrimage to the Holy Land yesterday afternoon. (It's hard to believe it's nearly been a year since I was blessed with the opportunity to journey on a pilgrimage with others from my parish to that sacred place.) In particular, I was searching for my notes about Elijah's victory over the false prophets of Baal, but I slowly found myself reading through all of my notes and reflections. (I did end up reading about Elijah too.)

It was moving to read through the insight I had gleaned (and written down) from our tour with Josef, and I was filled with many memories connected to the sites and history of Israel. It's been good from time to time to reminisce with stories, pictures, and prayer...

It's one of those things where the impact and understanding of it all hits you more and more after you've returned home. There are some aspects of the trip I am still attempting to comprehend and fully grasp. And there are other aspects of the pilgrimage that leave me in tears, realizing God's goodness and unending love.

Yes, our trip was (nearly) one year ago. But the journey continues today. And we must continue to remember, to celebrate, and to believe.

God is so good.

On today's (5/31) feast of the Visitation, let us entrust our hearts to Mary, the mother of Jesus. And let us remember how we are all united as God's children. Amen.

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