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Monday, April 20, 2015

But we lost...

"That was the best game you ever played - You were calling the ball, nearly fighting over the ball, getting two or three hits. You played so well." That's what my other coach and I told our girls after their volleyball game tonight.

But we lost was all they could think.

It was hard for some of the girls to get past the fact that they could both play well and (unfortunately) lose. The game was literally a toss-up; both played extremely well. In the third game, they just edged us out, and we had to end early due to lack of time.

It's hard in the moment to notice how far you've come, whether it be in sports or in life. Sometimes, it takes someone else, an outside pair of eyes, to give you a kick in the pants and help get you back on track, keeping your eyes on the prize. It can be so easy to fall into the trap of dwelling on failures or could-have-been's, but that doesn't do well for our souls...or for moving forward. If we made mistakes, that's wonderful because, guess what(!), it's evidence that we tried. Learn and move on. Make adjustments, keep a stiff upper lip, and do it again next time...better.

That's what I want the girls to take from this. If they could only see through their coaches' and parents' eyes, they'd begin to notice the difference in their passing, serving, and aggression/energy. I'm so proud of their consistent effort and genuine love of the game. We have fun. We learn. Sometimes we win...and sometimes we don't.

But that's all part of the beauty of learning the game.

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