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Saturday, September 20, 2014


Why are some people so afraid of telling a child no? It's not like the child is going to die or anything.

Is it because they're afraid of the tears? maybe the child won't like him/her anymore?

Contrary to those thoughts, does anyone ever stop to think it would actually be a good thing for that child to deal with the word "no"?

In a culture where many children are over-indulged, saying no has become taboo... But man are we in for it.

Allow me to offer two examples of what I mean:

At aftercare on Friday, two moms (at two different times) came to pick up their children. Upon announcing that it was time to go home, the students stayed on the computers, insisting that they needed to finish the game. Apparently this was okay to both parents, as they just waited until their children were ready. One even proceeded to pack up her son's bag...

Earlier today, my sister and I were dining at Corner Bakery (after I finished MOC at the hospital) - while we were digesting our lunches, a family with a small girl came in. When the mom put her down, she immediately reached for a Capri Sun in the display, but her mom told her they had to pay first. The girl started pouting and crying over on the bench. Her dad sat down with her. Within a couple of minutes, one of the workers went over to the girl and handed her a Capri Sun. (Oh look, no more tears!) Really?...

What lesson have we taught the children in these cases? Do what you want - authority doesn't really matter anyway? or, Whine enough and you'll get your way because no one wants to see you cry?


I don't have a solution...except to maybe incorporate "no" into our respective vocabularies more often.

If parents and babysitters/nannies started to do that, maybe we'd have an easier time in the classroom when we tell our students no too...

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