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Monday, September 8, 2014

"High FIVE, Dolphins"

(Title/cheer credit goes to my sister.)

Thus began our 2014 fall 5th grade volleyball season. Our first match was today. The joy on their faces when they got multiple serves over in a row or when they made great bumps brought that same joy to mine. We were down by quite a bit in both games (can we say sluggish start?), but with substitutions, time outs, and a little bit of luck, they rallied to victory (and in only 2 games!).

As we put our hands in for each cheer, the girls placed a stuffed dolphin on top - perhaps he'll be our new mascot. And as we raised our hands on "Go Dolphins!" (It just doesn't have the same ring as "Go forth/4th, Dolphins!), we shot the stuffed one into the air.

We continue our week with practices on Tuesday and Thursday. As long as the girls keep smiling, learning, and having fun, I'll consider this season a success. Even though it takes up a lot of my time, it is time well spent.

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