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Friday, December 19, 2014

But They Can't Come

As mentioned previously, my 6th grade homeroom won a movie and hot cocoa/popcorn party for winning the door decorating contest.

So, we had the party yesterday...
And I invited the other 6th grade class...
And then my class got upset.


Me: Let's turn the tables - Wouldn't you want to be invited if they won the party?
Student A: But they didn't win.
Me: Let's pretend they did or that they will in the future.
Student B: But the class that won last year didn't share with the other 5th grade class.
Me: Well, I wasn't your teacher last year.
Student C: That's not fair that they get to come.

And so forth...

Ultimately, the other class came over, and they all ate their popcorn, some had hot cocoa, and they enjoyed their movie.

But I just don't know if the message I was trying to send sunk in.

As I was thinking to myself (not meaning to get deeply religious or anything), I thought about the idea that nothing really belongs to us - things and people are ours to take care of while we walk this earth, but, in the end, you can't take it with you. So, who am I to say someone can't use something or be included or whatever, when I turn around and take other people's (like my roommates) things (e.g. couches, tv, etc.) for granted as my own.

Isn't that hypocritical?

Anyways, I'm not trying to be a downer before Christmas. We did have fun, their concert last night was lovely, the parents were gracious, and I was home before 8 p.m. (in time to grade the final Hobbit quizzes and Advent make-up quizzes).

Today is a half day for the students - 15 minute rotating classes for middle school followed by their holiday party and dismissal. (And then the teachers are treated to a luncheon at a local restaurant - lovely!) After that, I'll come home, finish throwing things in my suitcase, and be on my way home for the holidays.

Safe travels to all! And happy (early) holidays!

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