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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Small Acts of Kindness

Every other week I have the pleasure of supervising the fifth grade girls basketball team during study hall. Today, they didn't have much homework, so most of them worked on optional projects or read a book. One student, upon coming back from changing into her practice clothes, asked for a piece of construction paper, markers, and the names of our maintenance men.

What was she up to?

A little later on (as she kept working), she explained that one of her teammates had commented that they should do something nice for our custodians because they always clean up after all of the students, set up for basketball games, and more - She thought they should show a little appreciation. And, apparently, her teammate agreed, and so they made a card.

I'm glad to say I had nothing to do with it - the card was solely their idea. It was a small action, yes, but it came from the heart. It was an act of altruism.

And my heart was so happy in that moment - that sweet, unselfish moment.

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